8 Lessons Trekking Trailed in my blood!

Trekking: A synonym for Life!

Here are 8 lessons trekking taught me! And good God, only trekking could have!

1) Start easy: The initial half an hour is a real test of your mettle:

Starting off for the great adventure! Nag Tibba trek

Let’s face it! Apart from blazing love affairs, almost everything else looks difficult in the beginning. There’s no honeymoon phase except a real honeymoon phase!

The initial phase on a trek may test your mettle. The body takes time to warm up, while you wade through breathlessness! Step by step, you form a rhythm and get on with it!

Until then, you struggle!

Such is the fate of anything difficult that comes our way. A new project, a demanding new job, a new place, any new business… will be like your initial half an hour of trekking! So breath slow, form a rhythm and get on with it!

2) One step at a time:

One step at a time and you’ll be there!

Try rushing and you’ll lose it before you thought you would!

Whilst trekking, we always focus, develop and maintain a pace!  This is not only because we care loads not to trip, but also because trekking is like focusing on every step you take with every breath… it’s like walking meditation!

Drawing the same analogy to life, each step towards any threshold that we want to reach to, is significant. Maintain the right pace, focus, and be careful with every step you take! And you’ll be there! Try rushing into success and soon you’ll reaslise there are no short cuts!

3) Test your waters, test your snow!


The snow of life is similar to that of the mountains.

While trekking on snow, we are advised to check the snow before we step on it. If it’s too fresh, you’ll sink in, if it’s hard as ice, you’ll slip!

So dig your toes right before you fall head over heels for it!

4) Rewards are luring, but the journey matters the most:


They always praise the view from the mountain top! What immensely matters is how did you reach the mountain top? Was your journey as amazing as your mountain top view?

Eventually when you reach the mountain top, the view may or may not be worth it. You’ll spend longer time trekking your way up the mountain, so the journey matters more than the view from the top! Make it count!

5) Downhill slope in life? Slide through it buddy!

Be a pro at sliding through the downhill phase!

Is life going downhill? It there too much of snow? Simply smile and slide through it! You’ll enjoy the slide and reach a new trail in life.

6) Lost? Look for a way out!

Ghantakaran trek, a beautiful trail

This reminds me of a school group I was out with for the Nag Tibba trek. We went off the trail and eventually were lost. I was left with one school teacher and a group of 20 kids. Freaked as crazy, I instructed them to wait at a spot. I went around the mountain to look for a clue of the trail. I stumbled upon it after several failed attempts!

So if it looks like there is no place to go, look for a trail or create your own! You’ll reach your mountain top, one way or the other. But look for it!

7) Carry your own loads, pitch your own tent, roll your own sleeping bag:


In all, it’s your raita, clean it on your own!

8) Take breaks! Drink water! Cool down! Don’t give up simply because it’s difficult!


There are moments on a trek and in life, when you feel you’ve had enough and forging ahead is difficult. Those are moments to stop and reflect. To believe that you can!


Please note: Thank you GIO Adventures, Ayushi Singh, Ankush Rawat and Surjeet Rana for the pictures!