Once upon a time, in Har Ki Dun

Campsite: Har Ki dun UNEDITED!
I was standing under the light of a thousand stars. At a far distance, I could see the burning flames of bonfire.The laughter of a group of fellow trekkers and the soft murmuring of river Supin was all I could hear. It was the night of the first snowfall in Har Ki Dun. Wild freezing winds wrapped us all in the arms of nature.
To the unforgettable skies!
When suddenly, a kitchen helper (bhula, a native word for younger brother) came out of the kitchen tent right next to me. He discovered that the frosty water in the bucket, used to wash utensils, had developed an initial layer of ice. He plunged an ice axe in the bucket to break the thin ice.
And casually started washing utensils with the freezing water.
If you ask me, what I felt in Har Ki Dun, in complete honestly, I’ll tell you that I felt small. Small under the luminous light of a thousand stars, as if the universe up above is vast and unknown. It is full of uncountable stars and you are just another short story in the universe. I felt small under the wild force of powerful winds, small under the courage of the casual act of how someone was so comfortable with washing utensils with freezing water.
My personal universe started to look small, under the panorama of hopefully twinkling stars. In that moment, all our urban worries of this modern world, the hustle bustle of meeting deadlines, completing targets, attaching self importance to everything and hyping our own existence- all start to fade away!
No wonder, the mighty mountains resonate humility.
No wonder that Himalayan people are so humble.
Need I say more?
Therefore, I urge you to travel. Travel to explore the different shades of life and the Himalayas. And trust me, each trek teaches us something. You will never be the same person, as you were when you started the trek!

63 thoughts on “Once upon a time, in Har Ki Dun

      1. It was excellent Ambica. There was just one more small individual group staying in the Forest Dept. hut, so the place was available entirely for us. This is one of the main concern for me now. I hate those trails where you have to walk with other groups and share camping sites. It’s becomes quite like a touristy stuff. We camped on the other side of this glacial stream. I haven’t blogged about it though. I have another blog, which I guess you are not aware of! πŸ™‚

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      1. Ambika till now i did not got a chance to go any place distant other than bangalore from my state kerala,but that was for study purpose.But i like persons like you just exploring everywhere god put his signature.Getting to travel to places like these are life changing right?Thank you for all the likes,but you like things from bible?

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  1. Another great post…. Very right ‘Every Trek teaches you something new and you will not be same person as before. Even I remember my 1st Trek to Triund (MacLeodganj) it was awesome, lying in tents and watching stars and enjoying Bonfire wit a bunch of friends.

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  2. Hi,
    Are you a travel blogger? I almost became a travel blogger, but now I blog about blogging tips. Congratulations on building an engaged community. Look at all these people!
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. I also host blog parties like Danny Ray. I met you through his site.

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