Just listening…

If beauty could be wrapped up words, this is what it would look like!

Cyranny's cove



for the sound of

a feather, falling

The instance of a passing flock

of winter geese,

too far away to see,

but felt all the same,

Wondering why

you take the time

to think about me,

silently, although I know

that you do?

I am just listening, for a sound

in myself, telling me

the story that is you,

silently, like a wave coming towards

me, rippling along the shore

lapping at my feet,

caressing a memory of you,

that I’ve never had before, but then

I caught the feather in my hand, as

you came close enough to touch, and the winter geese,

heralded your arrival

and we became one

with the tide….

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