Old World Charm


He was like a lawless jungle

made of wild instincts.

He was like a child’s smile,

Venturing in a wondrous world.

He was like a hymn.

One that I wanted to hear, even before I discovered it!

He was made of crazy sunshine,

in gloomy rains.

He was made of thoughtful coffee sips

on a rainy day!


21 thoughts on “Old World Charm

    1. Amitttttttttt!!!!! I have been so entangled that I completely missed on this one! We are shooting a budget documentary and I cant get enough of Chandni Chowk (especially the Jalebis)! How have you been? How is the art and craft section going ? And hell yes! I would love to write a guest post! In fact, as I type this, I already have the past two weeks scrolling at back of my mind, waiting to be blogged about!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey Ambika, I am good, thanks 😊
        Wish you Good for your new documentary, enjoy the new experience 🤗 i See forward for writing us together, thanks for the response.
        Honestly I do despitely like Jalebi 😋😅 hahahaha
        Keep up the Good Work 😇

        Liked by 1 person

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