The Dream Project v/s Project Dream




I stumbled upon it on Facebook. Such an interesting take!

Kind of pricks till the end…

Scribbling in the Himalayas


I want to write

Write about the alpenglow of hope

and about the rainbow of life.

Write about the time-lapse of moments

and the hyper-lapse of wait.

Write about blueness of the sky

swirling with the dancing clouds.

Write about the silent conversations with the mountains,

About getting lost in the woods

and finding our way, somehow 🙂



With Love, from the Mountains


We never really meet people! We meet stories!

Similarly so, we never really see photographs, we see stories!

We were in Auli, Uttrakhand shooting a travel documentary. When it suddenly started raining and we had to wrap up the entire set up. We sought refuge in a nearby tea shop (Ohh, these little mountain shops!!!).  Enjoying my hot cup of tea, I just saw the rain pour. Drop by drop, calmly so.

It’s not just a picture, it is a moment 🙂

A well bookmarked, dog-eared moment!