Behind the lens

Whenever I look at a photograph, I wonder about the moments exactly before it was captured.

What were the thoughts of the photographer? Was it shot by chance or did he hold his breath still? Did he lie flat on the burning marble or cold ice for long?

How fast did he run to take another shot at life? Did he smile when he pictured the shot in his head before pressing the click button?

A photograph becomes a moment, even before captured!

Sehri (Deo Tibba), Himachal

Β©Ambika Bhardwaj


41 thoughts on “Behind the lens

  1. This is lovely capture.

    In photography sometimes you get more than you wanted and vice versa.

    Seems like the photographer expected something else.
    Over to the photographer….for the real story!

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    1. And whether we like it or now, photographs have this real good knack of taking us, back “there”! πŸ™‚
      Like freezing a moment, freezing a thought, freezing a smile… almost every emotion possible! Isn’t that incredible? I’ve always believed that photographs are as powerful as words!

      P.S: I am glad we wonder on the same lines πŸ™‚


  2. I am an amateur photographer and I appreciate very much your thought on photos, it shows that you are looking beyond the photo, which means a lot. I am enjoying every moment of the whole process, seeing the photo before it is taken, breathing it in, and the process of shooting it. For me it is like capturing happiness.

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    1. Jess, touchΓ©! It’s more about capturing a moment, rather than thinking “how would the picture turn out”!
      Also, I think the sooner a camera becomes a detachable limb of ones body, the better!


    1. You know that’s why I love all you bloggers so much! Addition to perspective! πŸ™‚
      It’s amazing to see how a photograph transpires from being a moment to a story (both said and unsaid)!
      Achingly beautiful!


  3. Beautiful thoughts! We have to live the moment, whether it’s before, during, or after taking the photo. I’m often shocked by people taking a quick photo and moving on without even admiring what’s around them and just hurrying up to the next sight….

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