The Sarchu Syndrome!

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If a place could be marked as “the edge of a realisation”, of how “achingly” beautiful Ladakh is, it would be Sarchu. This is where it started sinking in, the feeling called: This is Ladakh!

Technically, located in Himachal Pradesh, Sarchu is a gateway to Ladakh. It is at an altitude of 14,300 ft, making it a tab higher than Leh. And if you are guessing it right, this place is notorious for acute High Altitude Sickness. Hence, it is important that we acclimatize well.

Tip: It is advisable to halt at Jispa for a night and then head towards Sarchu, purely for acclimatisation.

Manali (6726 ft) —>> Jispa (10,500 ft) {distance: 138 km/drive: 4-5 hours}

Jispa—>> Sarchu (14,070 ft) {Distance: 113 km, drive: 3-4 hours}

Here’s what happened:Β 

In spite of knowing the pro tip, we couldn’t stop at Jispa. With a dizzy head and a possessed nape, I reached Sarchu. The winds were wild, wild enough to rip mountains apart (I know I am prone to, but this time, I am not exaggerating!)

Drinking gallons of water and garlic soup, helped. But the mild scatterbrained, Sarchu Syndrome, stayed!

Being from the mountains, I’d never experienced anything of this sort. I was in my cozy tent, trying to calm the fuck down, when the distant voice of Indranil da exclaimed, “You should get your camera outside”!

In no mood for movement, yet curious, I went outside.

That moment, everything else faded, but the fiery sky of Sarchu! I’ve bookmarked this split second, in the collage of my memories and flashbacks!






27 thoughts on “The Sarchu Syndrome!

  1. Hi Ambika, Nice post.
    Well we didn’t get any AMS as we took diamox started from Manali. Indranil da took care of this πŸ™‚ Surprisingly we were the only group in the Serchu camp with no such AMS problem but I remember few boys and girls from a Gujrati group was vomiting badly and we gave them few diamox tablets.

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      1. Yes, Indranil da is inspiration for me for landscape photography and also for trekking

        BTW I am not able to send you friend request in fb, so I poked you. πŸ˜›
        Here is my fb profile:
        lets get connect!

        “How was Sarchu?”
        Well my first f2f introduction with milky way was at Sarchu and I never ever forget those moments…
        Sarchu is very close to me and it remain.

        Do read my blog also

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      2. Your blog brings a tide of memories! Also, inspiring me to visit Kargil,
        Milky way is quite overwhelming, makes one feel small and humble!
        Don’t worry about the poke, just sent you a request on FB!
        Glad to connect! πŸ˜€

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  2. Hi Ambika, your post was cool, because it brought me, one of the readers, to a place, I’ve never been. And your prose gave a good sense of the sensations, this altitude, brought on. I’m just impressed you were composed enough to take the lovely photograph that you did. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™

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