I, write this!


I write, as the last bidi finds it’s way into the ashtray. I write this at 04.30 in the morning.

Writing, because the backpack resting at the corner of my room, stares at me, with a little dust settled on the un-promised adventures.

Next to it lies a pair of trekking boots, yearning to go out there.

Aching of restfulness, lies a rugged camouflage jacket on the chair.

Next to the chair is a table full of maps.

Maps of hamlets and towns, sleeping at the moment.

Thus, sweet sleeps the travel journal, dreaming of the blank pages to be bloomed by the awaited adventures.

So, wakes up the wandering soul!

P.S : This is dedicated to all you travellers out there, aching of wanderlust! To all the mountain beasts caught in the concrete jungle. I love you all, I really do! And soon, we shall all embark on a new adventure! Until then, I know my pep talk doesn’t help much!



19 thoughts on “I, write this!

  1. The opening line “I write, as the last bidi finds it’s way into the ashtray. I write this at 04.30 in the morning.” just bang on…wonderful…and the whole poem is intriguing and poised…liked it a lot…

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  2. Yes Amika, most of us are on the planning mode and there is that urge to move and get going but things around us anchor us down and say stay back, lot of pending work. I agree we need to break away from such strangleholds and make travelling and moving to different places an integral part of our itinerary and if we are thinking of work, we can work better and our productivity goes up once we start travelling more often than not.
    Not necessarily always to far off place and less traveled places but places where we have not traveled and places where we can travel for short sojourn. The urban life and the distance we have created with nature is agonizingly painstaking but we allow it and we resist taking that frequent plunge and breaking that barrier that keeps pulling us from our spirit of adventurism…


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