Behind the scene!

Many a times, behind the scene is better than the scene itself! For example:

The scene:

Kaza, Himachal Pradesh

Behind the scene:

By the way, I am back! How have you been, all my dear bloggers?


46 thoughts on “Behind the scene!

      1. Ha ha! Frankly, I have never marketed my blog much. All the followers are organic and natural Ambika. In fact I’m bad at marketing which explains my poor social networking stats. I’m sure you can get good number of followers and engagement. I’ll be happy to help and suggest where I can.

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    1. You released your first collection of beautiful poems! And it’s flashing on Amazon! It’s not “just going on” for you, hon! Congratulations! Yayayayyayayaya! So happy for you, Sangbad!
      Would love to market this on FB for you, please share your FB link!


  1. Welcome back Ambika. That image is really cool! And the portrait of you ‘doing what it takes to get the shot’ is priceless. Thanks for sharing. As for us bloggers, life is good. Just trying to learn all I can about sound recording for DSLR video. 🎥

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    1. Paul, I just stalked you! Thought I’ll find some new amazing pictures. Would love to know more about your learning experience with recording the videos! Waiting for your new blog!
      P.S: I still have a feeling that you are some covert big shot filmmaker!!!

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      1. ha! Well, certainly nice of you to say, Ambika. The Fall, here in San Francisco, has just turned beautiful and I may go out and shoot some shots as for video editing and sound design, I’m kind of pivoting from my career as a photographer into that of a video editor. I’ve recently finished a course of study, and am in the process of creating my reel. for now, here’s a little blog, I’m just starting to create.. please take a look, if you’d like. More to come.. And I’m sure from you too 😎 just happy to be learning something new every day in this field. as my wife and I like to say, ‘the best is yet to come..’

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  2. Good the light was in good terms with u. Getting that perfect reflection in that rays of sun would have made the picture difficult to capture. Often profound thoughts are born sitting on the toilet seat and you gave birth to a profound shot sitting there. Wow


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