Paths and Poems

A poem was born,

When I saw this path:


Years from now,
in the winter of our life,
when you come back,
we will walk here.
Hold hands, again.
Talk about the colour of our soul
or may be the texture of pain that kept us apart all these years.
We’ll talk about what happened to that little dream cafe of yours.
It wont be a “hey let’s get a beer” conversation!
We’ll talk about the shooting stars of our endless journey.
All this, without a word!
In the winter of our life.
When you come back.
© Daastan-e-Musafir
Place: Chitkul

P.S: Romance sells!


63 thoughts on “Paths and Poems

      1. surely, Ambika, it’s cool to get inspired from fellow bloggers, like yourself, and see your photo education play out even with poetics dashed in. I’m moving back towards photography as well, and have taken my blogs down to two — That one is the other blog, I will keep working on. Didn’t know if you had seen that one. Anyway, keep on shooting.. !

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      1. It was a real pleasure checking out your blog. Great stuff you’ve got here too. The name is Ndifreke, and it’s nice meeting you here. I hope you are enjoying your weekend? Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. It’s truly appreciated. Do take care of yourself and stay blessed.🌷

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  1. Hi! Ambika! I miss you. Come back to me! lol
    I bet you have some adventures and some photography to show us. Or just me. Whichever. I’ll share.
    There’s a surprise coming on my blog. Just thought I’d tell you 😉

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      1. My day was a roller coaster, but good. I’m sorry you have to work! And I’m sorry I have to too! Haha
        But, it just so happens that I now work at a place where it’s possible I’ll travel to India in 6 months or so. So get ready! Lol.

        The surprise… It’s huge, and it goes live tomorrow. You’re in it, but only if you find yourself. That’s all I will say. 😉

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