The “uuhhss” and the “ahhhs” of this Bumpy Ride called Film Making

Quick Downpour:

Non-Film makers can be lethally bored –Tread with caution! Chandni Chowk, a place everyone from the human and not-so-human race needs to pass as a test of survival skills. A Budget film can be a real sonuvabitch. Free actors/anchors are like those unwanted pair of smelly shoes, you want to but can’t throw away, cause they are dear to you. Rickshawallas are the real mafias. This is not a crash course in film making. Yep, you may call it the “uuuhhhss” and the “ahhhs” of this bumpy ride called film making! Anyway, let’s continue!

The Thought:

Now my mentor, the Scorpio guy, is bad ass when it comes to script writing, He is like an analogue clock. Ancient. He almost behaves as if  the ghost of F. Scott Fitzgerald haunts him, to keep the art of script writing alive. But this blog is not about him. So don’t pay much attention to him.

“One does not have to be able to see to write films, one has to be able to imagine” ~ David Mamet

It simply means, that what you see on screen is a mere 1/10 of the amount of time, we frugal film makers, dedicate a lot to pre production. It’s downright boring. Yet it gives a backbone to the film. So there are no instant noodles in film making, I mean it!

Made with love and passion

Me thinks, these are the fundamental key ingredients to create  anything. So go on, take re-takes, take bytes, align the frame, manage the mayhem and the crowd! You are no Nat Geo and people really don’t care a damn about your film. But this is what I have believed, since I was 6, you gotta fight for your candy (read dreams). You gotta fight for your dreams, protect them, nurture them, kid. Cause the world will never understand how dear are they to you.

Here’s summing it up

After spending the last two weeks of shooting this short food documentary, wrapping our heads around the script and treatment, braving it up in 42° Old Delhi heat, and the filmy mumbo jumbo, it’s undiluted fun to shoot… to wear the director’s cap! Would love to post the link  and share it with you fellas, when we complete it!


For the love of Greed gracious!

FB_IMG_1484762825360 “I am awfully greedy; I want everything from life. I want to be a woman and to be a man, to have many friends and to have loneliness, to work much and write good books, to travel and enjoy myself, to be selfish and to be unselfish… You see, it is difficult to get all which I want. And then when I do not succeed I get mad with anger.”

Simone de Beauvoir

Old World Charm


He was like a lawless jungle

made of wild instincts.

He was like a child’s smile,

Venturing in a wondrous world.

He was like a hymn.

One that I wanted to hear, even before I discovered it!

He was made of crazy sunshine,

in gloomy rains.

He was made of thoughtful coffee sips

on a rainy day!


Dude! Tu hi best hai! I love this post!

Neal's Epiphany

Dear Me,

You and I go way back, to the beginning. We’re one hundred percent connected in a way no one will–or could ever–understand. We’ve been there, standing together. Sometimes crying in the shower, sometimes snorting through our nose, but it’s always been you and me. Always and forever…

Or so it was supposed to be, but some time ago I left you–

I left you floundering on your own, to rely on love and encouragement and strength from others–from strangers–when it was I who should have held you up. When it was I who should have hugged you and praised you and appreciated you for the wondrous person you are–for all the beauty and life you bring to this world.

I seldom tell you how much I love you. How much I admire you. How beautiful and caring and intelligent and strong you are. That you are my hero.

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Just listening…

If beauty could be wrapped up words, this is what it would look like!

Cyranny's cove



for the sound of

a feather, falling

The instance of a passing flock

of winter geese,

too far away to see,

but felt all the same,

Wondering why

you take the time

to think about me,

silently, although I know

that you do?

I am just listening, for a sound

in myself, telling me

the story that is you,

silently, like a wave coming towards

me, rippling along the shore

lapping at my feet,

caressing a memory of you,

that I’ve never had before, but then

I caught the feather in my hand, as

you came close enough to touch, and the winter geese,

heralded your arrival

and we became one

with the tide….

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Once upon a time, in Har Ki Dun

Campsite: Har Ki dun UNEDITED!
I was standing under the light of a thousand stars. At a far distance, I could see the burning flames of bonfire.The laughter of a group of fellow trekkers and the soft murmuring of river Supin was all I could hear. It was the night of the first snowfall in Har Ki Dun. Wild freezing winds wrapped us all in the arms of nature.
To the unforgettable skies!
When suddenly, a kitchen helper (bhula, a native word for younger brother) came out of the kitchen tent right next to me. He discovered that the frosty water in the bucket, used to wash utensils, had developed an initial layer of ice. He plunged an ice axe in the bucket to break the thin ice.
And casually started washing utensils with the freezing water.
If you ask me, what I felt in Har Ki Dun, in complete honestly, I’ll tell you that I felt small. Small under the luminous light of a thousand stars, as if the universe up above is vast and unknown. It is full of uncountable stars and you are just another short story in the universe. I felt small under the wild force of powerful winds, small under the courage of the casual act of how someone was so comfortable with washing utensils with freezing water.
My personal universe started to look small, under the panorama of hopefully twinkling stars. In that moment, all our urban worries of this modern world, the hustle bustle of meeting deadlines, completing targets, attaching self importance to everything and hyping our own existence- all start to fade away!
No wonder, the mighty mountains resonate humility.
No wonder that Himalayan people are so humble.
Need I say more?
Therefore, I urge you to travel. Travel to explore the different shades of life and the Himalayas. And trust me, each trek teaches us something. You will never be the same person, as you were when you started the trek!

The Sherpa!

I’ll tell you a story before I shift to Rishikesh, eternally!

Not one that will change your life!

Not the one to move mountains!

But one that will make you smile and take you to the mountains.

Triund Top

Long time back, a group of six,  sprinted through the lively lanes of McLeodganj, the heart of Dharamshala.

Thousands of adventurous souls come to Mcleodganj. Some to trek amidst the overwhelming Dhauladhar range, some to explore the shades of Tibet and visit the adobe of Dalai Lama. Few to amaze their senses with paragliding in Bir Billing. Some to just take a freezing dip in the Bhagsu waterfall, followed by which, they yearn for hot chai!

Chaaaai? Of course, after the chilling Bhagsu waters!

We were there to do nothing and everything. Bravehearts without a plan, that’s what makes Mcleodganj so tempting!

Unplanned- unequipped, sheer randomess, enticed us to trek Triund. We hired a local guide, who just charged us Rs. 200/- per person.

The nominal fee, surprised us and curiosity got the better of us. So when we asked him:

Us: How often do you trek?

Sherpa: Everyday!

Stupid Us: Why don’t you get a better job, somewhere, that pays you well?

Sherpa: I did…

Curious Us: Then?

Sherpa: I went to Chandigarh, to work in a travel agency. I fell ill and left it, within a month!

Me:Ill of what?

Sherpa: Haan madam, wahan pahad nhi dikhte na, toh main bimar ho gaya! (Madam, we don’t see mountains there, so I felt sick)

This little conversation stayed with me ever since. Even after half a decade, I still cannot forget the reverent look on his face, when he saw the mountains.

Now, after half a decade, when I wake up and don’t see mountains, I can tell what he meant. And thus I believe, the people who turn to the mountains are different people. They are like wild mountainous beasts who cannot be caught in the concrete jungle. Sooner or later, the mountains will call them home.

So here’s to going back home, here’s to going back to the mountains!

Crafting I



I am a “Thousand Splendid Suns”,
I am a moonstruck night

I am the endless sky, and
I am also the divided partitioned land

I am Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
– all in the same breath!

I am a wild flying bird
– in a fluttering cage

I am a breathless sigh
– of reluctant relief

I am a mountain
-unmoved by time or pain

I am a river
– changing and unchanging

I am a parched leaf
– withered by life

I am a blooming leaf
– I exist because I decayed

I am a stunning storm
– in a tea pot

I am growing like
wild fire in the wilderness


I am flowing like an isolated river,
under a hopeful dark sky…

8 Lessons Trekking Trailed in my blood!

Trekking: A synonym for Life!

Here are 8 lessons trekking taught me! And good God, only trekking could have!

1) Start easy: The initial half an hour is a real test of your mettle:

Starting off for the great adventure! Nag Tibba trek

Let’s face it! Apart from blazing love affairs, almost everything else looks difficult in the beginning. There’s no honeymoon phase except a real honeymoon phase!

The initial phase on a trek may test your mettle. The body takes time to warm up, while you wade through breathlessness! Step by step, you form a rhythm and get on with it!

Until then, you struggle!

Such is the fate of anything difficult that comes our way. A new project, a demanding new job, a new place, any new business… will be like your initial half an hour of trekking! So breath slow, form a rhythm and get on with it!

2) One step at a time:

One step at a time and you’ll be there!

Try rushing and you’ll lose it before you thought you would!

Whilst trekking, we always focus, develop and maintain a pace!  This is not only because we care loads not to trip, but also because trekking is like focusing on every step you take with every breath… it’s like walking meditation!

Drawing the same analogy to life, each step towards any threshold that we want to reach to, is significant. Maintain the right pace, focus, and be careful with every step you take! And you’ll be there! Try rushing into success and soon you’ll reaslise there are no short cuts!

3) Test your waters, test your snow!


The snow of life is similar to that of the mountains.

While trekking on snow, we are advised to check the snow before we step on it. If it’s too fresh, you’ll sink in, if it’s hard as ice, you’ll slip!

So dig your toes right before you fall head over heels for it!

4) Rewards are luring, but the journey matters the most:


They always praise the view from the mountain top! What immensely matters is how did you reach the mountain top? Was your journey as amazing as your mountain top view?

Eventually when you reach the mountain top, the view may or may not be worth it. You’ll spend longer time trekking your way up the mountain, so the journey matters more than the view from the top! Make it count!

5) Downhill slope in life? Slide through it buddy!

Be a pro at sliding through the downhill phase!

Is life going downhill? It there too much of snow? Simply smile and slide through it! You’ll enjoy the slide and reach a new trail in life.

6) Lost? Look for a way out!

Ghantakaran trek, a beautiful trail

This reminds me of a school group I was out with for the Nag Tibba trek. We went off the trail and eventually were lost. I was left with one school teacher and a group of 20 kids. Freaked as crazy, I instructed them to wait at a spot. I went around the mountain to look for a clue of the trail. I stumbled upon it after several failed attempts!

So if it looks like there is no place to go, look for a trail or create your own! You’ll reach your mountain top, one way or the other. But look for it!

7) Carry your own loads, pitch your own tent, roll your own sleeping bag:


In all, it’s your raita, clean it on your own!

8) Take breaks! Drink water! Cool down! Don’t give up simply because it’s difficult!


There are moments on a trek and in life, when you feel you’ve had enough and forging ahead is difficult. Those are moments to stop and reflect. To believe that you can!


Please note: Thank you GIO Adventures, Ayushi Singh, Ankush Rawat and Surjeet Rana for the pictures!