Dear Diary,

Google helped! Not to sure who clicked it. But thanks, anyway 🙂

Attics? Aren’t they amazing!

The perfect place to brush aside the “not-so-lovelies” , the damaged and the abandoned.

I see a famous fashion trend, I see people with attics on their heads.

Many of us do. Even I do. And I guess, it’s okay! 🙂

I know it looks downright tacky there! With cobwebs and skeletons hanging around. Aye, the zombie look!

Now! Before we go overboard with metaphors (Me thinks, I already have)! Nonetheless, here’s a thing! I am on a “lets-clean-the attic-mission!

People who’ve done that before are free to share their experiences, joys, sorrows!

Let’s talk! 🙂

P.S: This is not self help, anti depression pep talk or something :P! I really don’t care about depression. I am just another Attic Cleaning OCD patient! Hope that makes sense! 🙂





Nothing to be done, until…


Quick Downpour: Trekking Deo Tibba. This picture was captured in Seri (Himachal Pradesh), rained like fucking rabbits… (google that). Was stationed there for 2 days. Nothing to be done, until… 🙂

Here’s what it is:  Seri welcomed us with a “warm” hailstorm! There is a moraine zone that one needs to wade through to reach Seri. Now, this moraine zone is stark and beautiful, in it’s own isolated existence. It is one hell of an oxymoron of a place. So picture this:

There’s bright sun. Sunny enough for you to even paint your eyebrows in sunscreen. You are trekking in a valley full of wild flowers with a revolting river sprinting along. You are walking on the edge, when suddenly, it rains. And how… as if hell broke loose!

Dreamy and drenched, you look around. Little rivulets flowing straight out of rocky boulders. It is hard hitting. You are hopeless! You are awestruck!

No sooner than you sink this, the story turns into a fairy-tale! The moraine zone unfolds as a surprising meadow. “Seri” is what they call the place!

It has been two days now in Seri. You are time-lapsing between clouds and random thoughts. Drinking loads of tea, smoking bidi… endlessly. All this with just one constant: Rain!

It is then! When an unforeseen sun, greets you in the evening and you run! Run with your camera! Run like children of the wild! This is what you capture! And you smile!





Scribbling in the Himalayas


I want to write

Write about the alpenglow of hope

and about the rainbow of life.

Write about the time-lapse of moments

and the hyper-lapse of wait.

Write about blueness of the sky

swirling with the dancing clouds.

Write about the silent conversations with the mountains,

About getting lost in the woods

and finding our way, somehow 🙂



With Love, from the Mountains


We never really meet people! We meet stories!

Similarly so, we never really see photographs, we see stories!

We were in Auli, Uttrakhand shooting a travel documentary. When it suddenly started raining and we had to wrap up the entire set up. We sought refuge in a nearby tea shop (Ohh, these little mountain shops!!!).  Enjoying my hot cup of tea, I just saw the rain pour. Drop by drop, calmly so.

It’s not just a picture, it is a moment 🙂

A well bookmarked, dog-eared moment!


The “uuhhss” and the “ahhhs” of this Bumpy Ride called Film Making

Quick Downpour:

Non-Film makers can be lethally bored –Tread with caution! Chandni Chowk, a place everyone from the human and not-so-human race needs to pass as a test of survival skills. A Budget film can be a real sonuvabitch. Free actors/anchors are like those unwanted pair of smelly shoes, you want to but can’t throw away, cause they are dear to you. Rickshawallas are the real mafias. This is not a crash course in film making. Yep, you may call it the “uuuhhhss” and the “ahhhs” of this bumpy ride called film making! Anyway, let’s continue!

The Thought:

Now my mentor, the Scorpio guy, is bad ass when it comes to script writing, He is like an analogue clock. Ancient. He almost behaves as if  the ghost of F. Scott Fitzgerald haunts him, to keep the art of script writing alive. But this blog is not about him. So don’t pay much attention to him.

“One does not have to be able to see to write films, one has to be able to imagine” ~ David Mamet

It simply means, that what you see on screen is a mere 1/10 of the amount of time, we frugal film makers, dedicate a lot to pre production. It’s downright boring. Yet it gives a backbone to the film. So there are no instant noodles in film making, I mean it!

Made with love and passion

Me thinks, these are the fundamental key ingredients to create  anything. So go on, take re-takes, take bytes, align the frame, manage the mayhem and the crowd! You are no Nat Geo and people really don’t care a damn about your film. But this is what I have believed, since I was 6, you gotta fight for your candy (read dreams). You gotta fight for your dreams, protect them, nurture them, kid. Cause the world will never understand how dear are they to you.

Here’s summing it up

After spending the last two weeks of shooting this short food documentary, wrapping our heads around the script and treatment, braving it up in 42° Old Delhi heat, and the filmy mumbo jumbo, it’s undiluted fun to shoot… to wear the director’s cap! Would love to post the link  and share it with you fellas, when we complete it!


To the lost little one…


I want to write about you, with love!

Drop you off the edges of meaningless words,

Liberate an inch of my soul, when words sail away in silence.


I wish I could write about you, with love!

Wish I could ship away some thoughts in little boats called words,

Smile away, when I see you sail by, far.

I want to write about you, with love!

Drop you off! Ash you away! With love!

But I’d rather crumble this sheet and sleep over all of it!